From the Mind of a Kid: Coleman Springs Book Review

Hi, HOBWAS readers! It’s me again, Einstein. You’ve probably seen my intro post. Well, here’s my book review of Coleman Springs, USA, a book I stayed up all night reading! The book is by Glenn Dromgoole. Before I start my review, I’d like you to know that Glenn Dromgoole is my grandfather. I don’t believe that the fact he’s my grandfather makes my review less legitimate, but I’ll let you, the reader(s) decide.

My summary:
Coleman Springs, USA is a fictional book about a (fictional) small town called Coleman Springs. It is narrated by the (again, fictional) postmaster Mac Spearman, who has been Coleman Springs’ postmaster for 35 years, and knows more about everything that goes on than anybody else in town. You’ll meet plenty of (fictional) people, who you can learn more about!
Some of the characters:
Reverend Andrew Baker: This pastor of the First Baptist Church will preach any time, even with 3-4 people.
Pierce Brock: A singing barber.
Drexel Bryant: The mayor of Coleman Springs.
Taylor Campbell: A doctor who stood up to the Ku Klux Klan!
Lacy Curry: She sends postcards to the president. And gets replies.
Broder and Oder (Erick) Dawkins: They’re nice, but when Oder’s around, you might wanna leave pretty soon.
Wendy Day: The fortunately-named weekend weather forecaster.
Pop Ellison: This man’s attire will keep you from running him over!
Father Dominic: The Catholic Priest; he is a war veteran!
George Gibbons: The poet laureate; you’ll LOVE his poems!
Possum Johnson: He can fix anything.
Bigboy Leonard and Tiny Massingale: These cousins are large and strong!
Rainey McDermand: Beautiful. ‘Nuff said.
Pete Peterson: Owner of Pete’s Bar and Grill.
Ashli, Cindi, Patti, and Tammi Timms: The Timms sisters are amazing. Patti was even mayor once!
Mac Spearman: The mailman and narrator.
Mary Spearman: Mac’s wife.
Let’s remember that these are only SOME of the many characters.
My favorite part is chapter 19, Payback Time.
It’s about Pete Harwood and Morris Jenkins.
Pete is always playing jokes on his next-door neighbor, Morris. Like the time Morris got the popcorn machine. Well, Pete put up signs around town that said,
“Free popcorn
1324 Lexington
 Any time, day or night
  just ring the doorbell!”
Well, Morris was woken up several times with people asking for free popcorn. He didn’t want to offend anybody. He gave away free popcorn. When he found out it was Pete, he had to get revenge…. what does he do? Read the book to find out! It made me laugh!
A really sad chapter is Pappy Died. Pappy was Dr. Taylor’s dog, who he’d had longer than he’d had his wife! Well, he was in pain, and on the brink of death. Dr. Taylor took him to a vet, who put him to sleep. They had to put Pappy out of his misery. It made me cry.
The book is about a small town with interesting people. You can read about Ida Mae’s “music box”, the spelling competition, the encounter with the BBA bike club, the big fight between Bigboy and Tiny, Possum Johnson who could fix anything, how Bob Smith became Father Dominic, Dr. C.J. Fletcher and his short sermons, and the Timms sisters and their idea for the Ice Cream Festival! What are you waiting for??? Get the book here!

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  1. Dear Einstein,

    Your book review is great. I think sales of the book will increase as a result of the way you told about the story in such a compelling way. It seems that I might have known some of the people you described. I know you enjoyed reading the book. How did you like writing the review?

    A devoted fan in the Fort

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