From the Mind of a Kid: Lego Robotics

Jenn’s note: Due to events scheduled this weekend, I’m sharing my 11-year-old son Einstein’s post this afternoon.  Enjoy!

Hi y’all! It’s Einstein, in case you haven’t been reading my posts. Anyway, I normally post on Saturdays, but I’ve been having a busy weekend.

Let me tell you a bit about a Lego Robotics club I go to. On Thursdays and Sundays from 5:30 to 8:30, I go to my Robotics meeting. There are lots of teams around the world, and there are lots of competitions. Well, my team, The Disorder of the Phoenix, went to our regionals… and came out in the top 3. Know what that means? We get to go to State Finals!

The competition is made up of four parts:
  • Core Values
  • Robot Design
  • Project
  • Competition
Core Values are basically how they judge you on your behavior. That’s why we have to avoid making fun of other teams, negativity, conflict, and disapproving looks! This year, Core Values was all about Gracious Professionalism. In case you didn’t know, Gracious Professionalism is good sportsmanship with cooperation and teamwork for things other than sports.
Robot design: We design attachments for our robot to complete challenges. We show this off in the design room, showing them our programs and our attachments. We won a trophy in this.
Project: This year’s project: come up with an invention to help seniors. Any information about our project is classified, since we will compete with it again, but we were expecting to win, after seeing what all the other teams did. Surprisingly, we lost to The Lego Cantaloupes, who did a food sniffer to see if food is contaminated. Last year’s project theme: food contamination. I can’t believe we lost to a team that did a project that would’ve won LAST YEAR!
Competition: We had to compete with other teams to do the challenges. We got second place in this, only to the Creationeers. We also won a trophy in either this or all-around.
Anyway, we came out in the top 3, and are going to state finals!
‘Til next time,
Einstein. ;-D

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