100% Ideas, Now “Also”-Free: Blossom’s First Speech

Blossom came to me over the weekend and said she’d decided how to use some of the notebook paper I’d found when excavating cleaning up in a certain unnamed child’s bedroom.

“Mommy, I want to write a speech.”

This tickled me to no end.  Blossom’s earnestness has a distinctly adult tone to it, and her hand gestures emphasize her points while also somehow dismissing any idea that you might doubt her.  However, her heart bruises easily; a stray giggle can send her into self-consciousness, so I suppress my giggles much better now.

She explained her topic to me and off she went to write the speech.  When she returned, I asked where she planned to give her speech, and she’s pretty sure her teacher will want her to give it in class.

We edited it together for spelling, and she dictated a few more sentences to me because I can write faster.  I was strictly monitored, however; when I wrote “Also” at the beginning of a sentence where she had not said it, she reached over with her pencil and firmly crossed it out.  Oh.  This is not helpful dictation.  Got it.

Then she decided what order the sentences should go in, and rewrote her masterpiece.

With her permission, here it is.  Her first speech, at 8 years old.

Many people are poor and need help.  They do not have enough food, water, or education.  This is serious. Having clean water is important because you can’t live without water.  If you don’t have water in your town, it’s hard to cook food, and people (usually girls) have to spend a lot of time walking to get water, so they miss school.  If you don’t have enough food, it’s hard to concentrate at school because you’re thinking about how hungry you are.  You need education because you need to be ready to have a job, and school teaches you what you need to know.  I have donated money to World Vision before because they help with water, food, and education.  This is really important to me.  Maybe someday we could fix it and make it better.  I wish someday everyone could have enough food, water, and education.



4 thoughts on “100% Ideas, Now “Also”-Free: Blossom’s First Speech

  1. Dear Blossom,

    You wrote a great speech. When I was 8 years old, I did not even think a lot about others in need, much less write a speech focusing attention on the problem. You are so smart and also have the wonderful quality of a caring heart. The combination of those two characteristics will help you continue to speak out and develop your leadership skills. I am proud that I know you and can cheer for you as you seek solutions for problems. A great theologian, Carlyle Marney, once said that we are either part of the problem or part of the solution. I know where you stand. You are right where you need to be – working toward changing things for the good.

    • Blossom said, “Wow! I have a fan? What’s a theologian?” hee hee. Thanks for the encouraging words! She was pleased.

    • Speechwriter, oh please, oh please. I’d hate to see anyone treat my child the way candidates were treated this election cycle. I can just imagine the headlines: “Candidate’s Mother Found Sobbing Self to Sleep.”

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