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So many pairings of opposites mislead us into thinking there are only two options.  Fight or flight.  Love or hate.  On or off.  Stay or go.

This week, I abruptly faced a set of fears I didn’t even realize I had.  We’re moving to Cuba this summer, which I knew.  To prepare, I’m starting Spanish language classes next week, which I knew.  This means my days as a stay-at-home mom come to an end on Monday.  Which caused all sorts of upheaval.

We want to go to Cuba.  To stay home now would mean giving up a dream assignment.  Staying is bad.

The past eleven-plus years of staying home with the kiddos have challenged me, changed me, made me a better person, and hopefully haven’t been all that bad for the kiddos, either.  Staying is good.

I’m not required to take Spanish classes.  I could spend our final months in the United States (for now, anyway) staying safely at home with Ladybug.  But she’s got her new Lalaloopsy lunchbox and counts down the days ’til school several times a day.  Plus I want to face my fears down, not give in to them.  Staying is bad.

Honey reacted supportively when I cried about all this change.  He sat near me, one hand on my leg, staying next to me until calm descended and I could make a joke.  Staying is good.

Opposites don’t tell the whole story.  Life is made up of times when the right idea at the wrong time brings failure.  But that’s never the whole story, either, is it?  Failure can lead us one step closer to success.

The value in staying comes from wise staying, from healthy wholeness, and from also knowing when to go.

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8 thoughts on “Stay: Five-Minute Friday

  1. It’s hard to live in extremes. We often find so much of life vacillating back and forth when often the best is in the middle and seasons come and go. Staying can be both good and bad. I agree that those seasons take wisdom to navigate but we can never just discount them. Good luck with Spanish classes! I barely recall those years in high school long ago and I have always wanted to put another language under my belt but haven’t taken the initiative yet. It’s on my to do list for a different season.

  2. Jenn – This post resonates with me. We too are approaching a time when we must “go,” but I am less gracious than you, less wise, and have fought it a good bit lately. Thank you for your musings on the subject of “stay.” They have challenged me. As always, great writing. The last line is fantastic.

    • Sarah, you sweet thing. Thanks, as always. Trust me, you are NOT less gracious than me. I’m not sure that’s possible. :)

  3. Lovely, wise words. I especially appreciate your ability to find the calm after expressing exactly what was going on with you. This is so real, so right… and sounds like you are feeling so much better, too. Love the lunchbox image, too.

    Great to pop into my next-door-neighbor from Five Minute Friday…

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