Err on the Side of Hope: Five-Minute Friday

Today I am linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker’s fun community of bloggers who participate in Five-Minute Friday. Taking a one-word prompt, writing on it for five gloriously unedited minutes, and then putting it out there for all to see sounds half crazy, half delightful, and whichever half you think I landed in, thanks for stopping by to read today!

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When we became a State Department family, I honestly had no clue what we had agreed to take part in. Honey had just graduated from college with an engineering degree, and yet as he began interviewing with the State Department, the current-events nerd in me got deliriously excited. The more he learned about the duties of the job, the more his interest grew, and here we are, with 13 years’ tenure and 3 countries’ worth of experience under our belts.

Our lives follow a path I would never have dreamed of as a kid. We’ve had the opportunity to live in, and get to know people from, other countries. Our children are multi-lingual. Worshipping in churches of different denominations (or no denomination) because we want to gather with other English-speakers of faith has led me to see patterns of the Spirit at work that I likely would not have thought to notice had we stayed in one place.

Now we’re preparing to head to Cuba, and this opportunity excites me the most of any that we’ve had so far. What will we find there? In my mind, it’s a once-glorious, now-crumbling tropical paradise. In what ways will the reality reveal itself? I anticipate this like a medium-sized kid approaches Christmas: it could be amazing, or I could find out there isn’t really a Santa Claus. But like that kid, I err on the side of hope.

Honey and I would have been equally as happy together had we stayed in our native Texas. In some ways, we know what we miss out on by moving so much. A strong sense of home. Family friends who we see regularly and frequently for years on end. Much closer proximity to grandparents and extended family. We feel those lacks, truthfully.

But the opportunity beckons, and we’re off.


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  1. What a beautiful opportunity! I can’t wait to see how God uses you and your family during this opportunity He has given you. Dropping by from Lisa-Jo’s Five Minute Friday. Blessings-Rebecca

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