Perplexed By Submission: Equally Yoked

For months, Honey has appeared puzzled every time I bring up the issue of complementarianism vs. egalitarianism. He understands both positions; his bemusement doesn’t arise from lack of knowledge. Instead, as I read passages aloud from various articles, books, or blogs, he regards me with a slightly confused, good-natured smile, as if he’s asking why we continue to rehash an issue we never even had to debate among ourselves.

You see, I didn’t encounter the opposing views of complementarianism and egalitarianism until adulthood. Whether it was the influence of growing up in the 1970’s and reading books like Girls Can Be Anything, or coming from a family in which the women had long attended college and pursued careers, it just never occurred to me that anyone would seriously oppose women participating equally in the church. True, I never saw a female pastor in action, but frankly, as a child I never wondered why.

Today I’m honored to have my post appearing in Jenny Rae Armstrong’s “Equally Yoked” series. Please go to her blog to read more.


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