Hasta Luego, Your Majesty

Last week, two things happened that are going to shape our family’s story for the foreseeable future. One of them will also affect this blog for the next four weeks.

First, 4-year-old Ladybug named her tushy “Your Majesty.” She will not call it anything else. In all fairness, it is the cutest little Your Majesty in the house, but this has led to us saying sentences such as, “Sit down on Your Majesty and do not get up again while you are eating.” Her siblings find this darling and irresistible, not to mention the fact that it gives them an unimpeachable way to talk about tushies without getting in trouble, which leads me to believe that “Your Majesty” is here to stay.

Second, I had my first formal evaluation of my progress in my Spanish course, and it drove home the fact that I only have four weeks of class left. In order to achieve the certification that I hoped to earn, I need to buckle down for the next few weeks.

Obviously, whether I achieve it or not, I will still have to continue my Spanish studies for the next few months to become more proficient in my use of the things I am learning in class. There’s no point in cramming for the exam but showing up in Cuba this summer, unable to speak a language that, ideally, I will be certified in.

Nevertheless, I do need to spend more time concentrating on my studies over the next four weeks, and so I reluctantly put this blog aside as I wrap up my final weeks in class. I’ll be hosting Mercy Mondays on February 11, and I may post something between now and then, but no promises. Of the tasks I am juggling, putting current posts on the blog needs to fall at the bottom of the list for a month.

Because let’s face it. If I don’t get my Your Majesty in gear, all the blog posts in the world won’t impress my exam proctors.

So with that, I’ll leave you with an “Hasta luego,” and I’ll be back as soon as I can.

Thanks for reading, friends.

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