Snow Day

Last night, we went to bed assuming that snow would arrive before we awoke. The kiddos wore their pajamas inside out last night, which apparently is the signal to the stratosphere that snow is welcome.

(The snow responded well to the inside-out pajama signal, by the way, in case you need that info available to you anytime soon.)

So we slept in today, which of course means only that the kiddos woke up on their own at the exact time I usually have to drag them out of bed, moaning about their exhaustion, for school. (How does that happen?) Honey made pancakes. We all marveled at the speed and size of the snowflakes.

Finally, finally, we all agreed that the snow had gotten deep enough to work with. The nearly-new snowsuits came out; we pulled on gloves and snow boots and coats. We took coats off and, tucking the suspenders of the snowsuits below the coats, put them back on. Only to take them off again to adjust the gloves for minimal snow-to-wrist leakage. By which time A) Honey already had the base of the snowman made, and B) I would gladly have surrendered and gone back to bed.

But I didn’t, and I’m glad. We had great fun. Snowballs and snow bricks piled up thanks to Ladybug and Einstein.

Ladybug: “Daddy! I made a LOT of snowballs! Are you ready?”

Honey: “Sure! How many do you have?”

Ladybug: “THREE!!!”

So the piles were on the small side. Quality, not quantity, people.

Our snowman, fully formed, awaited only the final touches. I hunted down appropriate eyes and mouth materials while Ladybug heroically resisted eating the carrot nose.

Meanwhile, snow angels abounded in our lawn, always delightful to see, and we trooped back inside for our obligatory bowl of snow ice cream. I stood at the counter, mixing and adding more ingredients, when Honey burst inside.

“Kids! Come quick! From out of nowhere, a huge snow snake appeared and ate some kid who looked like he was coming to play with you! This is terrible!”

We bolted outside and, seeing the snow snake, laughed together.

No children were harmed in the making of this snow snake.

I love snow days.

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