From the Mind of a Kid: In With a Fedora, Out With a Bandana

Hello, HOBWAS readers! It’s Einstein here, back again with another guest post! If this happens to be the first post you’ve read by me, I’m Jenn’s 11-year-old son, and I do occasional guest posts on her blog.

So, happy Fourth (or Fifth by the time this has been published) of July! Today, I went ALL DAY to Willie Nelson’s 40th annual picnic. It was a very successful day.

Of course, I started out in my standard Fedora, which is one of the most awesome hats in the world.

When we first arrived, we went and set up our little “camp” over by the south stage. We sat right up front. Throughout the day, we visited Billy Bob’s Texas, ate Mexican food, and enjoyed multiple songs by a variety of singers.

It was long day, too. A long, hot day.

In the end, it was all worth it. Near the end of the day, around 9:45 PM, it was finally time. Time to see the legendary, amazing, Über, awesome, epic, (insert hyperbole here) Willie Nelson!

Well, I’m there, standing on a chair in the front row, watching Willie sing (I particularly enjoyed “Whiskey River,” “On the Road Again,” “I’m Not Superman,” {Speaking of Superman, are you ready for some movie reviews?}, and “You Don’t Think I’m Funny Anymore.”). So here I am waving, and he’s throwing bandanas randomly every once in a while. So, at the end, he looks at me, POINTS at me, and THROWS THE BANDANA HE WAS WEARING TO ME!

And so, as I am writing this, I am wearing the bandana from the legendary, amazing, Über, oh wait, you’ve already heard this part? Oh. Well. Let me try again.

And so, as I am typing this, I am wearing the bandana that Willie Nelson gave me.

Thanks, HOBWAS readers! See you soon,


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  1. Uber cool, for sure. What a slick Texas experience. Willie is the MAN. Save that bandana, and don’t wash it. That sweat is legendary.

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