Things to Consider When Buying Polarized Sunglasses

When you are purchasing polarized sunglasses for either yourself or someone other than you, there are several things that need to be considered before you end up making a hasty purchase that wouldn’t suit later. Here are some features of polarized sunglasses that you should decide upon before you go to buy one:

  1. Lens

The very first thing you need to consider is the type and material of the lens. If you only need protective glasses, you can easily get the desired lens. However, if you already use proscription glasses, you can also consider getting custom polarized sunglasses made with prescription lenses. The material of the lens is another important factor to be considered.

You can either get glass or plastic lenses for the sunglasses. Glass lenses undoubtedly provide a better vision and optical quality. However, they are expensive, heavy to wear and are always exposed to the risk of breaking. Plastic lenses on the other hand are more light-weight, durable and affordable. However, they scratch quite easily if not used with care.

  1. The Frame Size

Another thing that needs to be considered is the size and measurement of the frame. If you want the glasses to fit perfectly well, getting customized measurements for the frame is very important. When it comes to frame sizes, there are three elements that need to be measured:

  • Eye Size – This measures the horizontal width of one lens of the frame in millimeters.
  • Bridge – This measures the distance between the closest points of the two lenses in millimeters.
  • Temple – This measures the length of the temple along with the bend from one end to another in millimeters.

  1. The Color of the Lenses

While the color of the lens does not have any direct effect on the polarization of the lens, it can have several other effects on your vision, such as clarity and depth perception. Therefore, it is quite important to select the right-colored lens for the best polarized sunglasses for you. You can select from the following color options:

  • Grey – The most common color of lens you can find is grey, which is quite ideal due to its neutral nature. It balances both the color and the contrast of the vision quite well without causing any distortion.
  • Red – If you are getting a red-colored lens, you can get more enhanced contrast levels of the vision. However, red lens is known to distort the colors of the vision.
  • Green and Brown – Lenses with green and brown colors are quite effective in reducing the glare and providing much enhanced clarity and contrast level. It also enhances the depth perception of the vision to quite an extent.
  • Yellow and Orange – Lenses in both these colors can increase the depth perception and enhance the contrast level of the vision.

The best way to decide on the most suitable color for you is to take sample lenses outside in the sunlight and try them on before you spend a hefty amount on purchasing your prescription sunglasses online.

  1. Style

Another thing to consider is the style of the frame as it should suit you and look good while you wear it. The frame should be durable and light-weight. Frames that are too heavy can’t be worn for a longer period of time since it starts hurting. Also, since polarized sunglasses are supposed to be worn quite frequently, especially for sporting activities, they should be durable enough to last for a considerable amount of time.

The best way to decide on the right style of frame is to try them on. Once you have seen them on yourself, you can be in a much better position to decide whether the style looks good on your or not. Since you are spending quite a hefty amount on these sunglasses, there is nothing wrong in wanting everything to be absolutely perfect and suitable.

  1. Price

There is no doubt that polarized sunglasses are expensive, especially if you are getting them custom made. Compared to normal sunglasses, polarized lenses can be quite high-end, especially if you are looking for a high quality product. However, you can also find some less expensive polarized sunglasses in a ready to sell condition. The prices of these glasses usually depend on the provider you have selected and the specifications that you want for your glasses, starting from as low as $10 and going up to hundreds of dollars.

Are They Worth Buying?

If you want to provide extra protection to your eyes against the harmful effects of sunlight and sharp glare, the answer to that question is a definite yes. Even when the best polarized sunglasses in the market cost slightly higher, they are a much worthy investment that can keep your vision protected for a longer time period. If you love your eyesight, grab a pair of these glasses right away!

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