Best vacuum for your home

Living in a house full of dirt, lint and dust is no fun and having the right tool to clean all that might be the key to always have a clean, fresh home.

Before getting the right vacuum cleaner you need to be willing to spend at least $200 for an efficient one. You also need to take a really good look at your home and decide which type of vacuum fits the best your space.

Even if your home is full of hardwoods and tile, you still need a vacuum (yes!) and a versatile canister type is the best option for you. It comes with many attachments (it’s common to come with a bare-floor brush) and you can get into corners and the tight spaces that are difficult to clean. You can also get an upright vacuum that lets you turn the brush roll off, but this type may scratch your floors and scatter debris on a bare floor.

For a wall-to-wall carpeting house, the canister vacuum with motorized power head attachments is the no.1 choice. An upright model fits the best if the space is very large, though. An adjustable-height brush roll for better cleaning is to look for. Some vacuum come with dirt sensors so you don’t miss any grime.

Get yourself a canister with a long hose and attachments if your home has stairs. If you only want one vacuum for the entire house, get a lightweight upright vacuum and a second one to only clean the stairs.

The quality of a vacuum comes also from its attachments as they give it versatility and more functionality. Along with the traditional crevice tool, dusting brush, upholstery brush, some vacuums come with extras to clean the mattresses, or to remove pet hair or even to dust ceiling fans or tops of bookcases. Vacuums differ also when it comes to suction and the longer the cord on your vacuum, the better the chances to reach as far as you want.